Cologne mayor Henriette Reker watches donated relief supplies for Ukraine before they are loaded to trailers in Cologne, Germany, Thursday, March 31, 2022. Credit: Martin Meissner / AP

It is very difficult to handle the helpless feeling we have when witnessing the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine as a result of the overwhelmingly cruel, heartless, and unnecessary actions of Russia. It is the role of faith communities to not only pray for suffering people, but to guide our congregations to practical action. Finding ways to donate to legitimate organizations, whether it is monetary or medical supplies, either as a congregation through plate offerings or as individuals, can give us a sense of working on a constructive path to peace however long and arduous it may be. Being united as a faith community energizes and increases the impact of the chosen action.

Faith Linking In Action affirms the edict from our faiths to take the side of the wounded in the chaos. We cannot physically assist the people of Ukraine in their quest to remain an independent, sovereign, and self-determining country. Recently, Faith Linking In Action donated to a non-profit organization serving the Ukrainian refugees. On behalf of the board, we challenge all of the faith communities in the state of Maine to also donate to a non-profit organization of their choice to help the refugees. It is what we are called to do.

Suzanne Kelly

Peg Olson

Faith Linking in Action Board