Faith Linking in Action

A Non-Profit Interfaith Community Initiative

Our purpose is to engage, coach, and support congregations, regardless of religious affiliation, and the members of communities they serve, to work together to address root causes of poverty. We educate the broader public and elected officials about our identified issues, and support faith communities to connect to work on these issues to their theological context.

Our faith calls us to be Faith Linking in Action–listening and hearing the cries of our brothers and sisters as we seek:

To build a community of justice and dignity in the greater Bangor area

To find and empower leaders and change agents

To demonstrate the love and mercy of God

To encourage transforming change in our neighborhoods

More About Us

Faith Linking in Action developed established faith and community organizations into action teams to work with our neighbors and live out our missions of finding dignity, justice, and care for one another, especially those in need.  Individual Issue Team members represent member faith groups and other affiliated people drawn by their faith to join us.  Faith Linking in Action is the only ecumenical social justice group in the Bangor area.  The Board of Directors is made up of clergy and lay representatives of all the member congregations.

The current Faith Linking in Action Issue Teams are Childcare/Jobs, with ongoing issues being addressed on both local and state levels; the newly formed Home Insecure & Houseless Team, addressing the issues affecting the home insecure and houseless in the Bangor area; the Food Justice Team, working on improving food access; and the Transportation for All Team, focusing on working with the city of Bangor to improve public transportation.

The entire Faith Linking in Action organization normally holds two convenings each year to present ongoing education regarding our efforts, encourage continued participation and support of our faith groups, introduce other community concerns, and continue our work together as people of faith.  The Board accepts suggestions for topics of interest and names of speakers for the Convenings.  The Board also meets monthly to discuss ongoing issues and propose new areas of work.

For team and board meeting times and information please see the calendar tab.


Faith Linking in Action
c/o St Patricks Church
21 Holyoke St
Brewer ME, 04412